• APS Arosio Extrusion is UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified, proven in the adoption of quality management systems that guarantee high level customer satisfaction and high value standards in the aluminium extrusion production.

• APS Arosio Extrusion has obtained the EN 15088:2005 certification issued by TÜV.

• Thanks to its in-house Factory Production Control laboratory, APS Arosio Extrusion can certify and affix the CE marking on the components it produces, guaranteeing total material’s traceability.


The company adopts an integrated environmental-quality management system and committed itself to maintaining the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification, through the production processes quality controlwaste managementcaustic soda and water disposal for a strict environment protection from pollutants.

Always attentive to energy saving, the company is actively committed to investing resources to reduce energy consumption, such as the adoption of LED lighting systems with energy savings of 80 percent compared to the old system.

By adopting all the necessary procedures, systems and devices, as indicated by Legislative Decree no. 81 of 9 April 2008 (Ex Law 626), APS Arosio Extrusion guarantees safety in the workplace.



APS, aware that the main success factors of any organization is the satisfaction of its customers and all stakeholders, internal and external, for all aspects relating to an efficient and effective business organization, responsible conduct towards the environment, ethical and responsible approach to work that must be carried out in perfect safety, in environments that guarantee the health of those who work there, considers it necessary to adopt a Quality Management System, in accordance with the requirements of UNI standard EN ISO 9001: 2015 for its activity of: development and extrusion of aluminium profiles. Furthermore, APS considers it essential and mandatory to comply with all the rules, laws and regulations governing the management of the Environment and Occupational Health and Safety.
In the context of the organization, QMS is applied to all the activities managed by APS Arosio Extrusion in all its sites; this application does not provide for the exclusion of any of the points contemplated in the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

APS undertakes to combine its values ​​with the following principles:

Customer satisfaction and the fulfilment of the expectations of all stakeholders, such as Industrial users, Wholesalers, Internal staff, Suppliers, Owners, APS AROSIO SPA, Banks, Neighbourhood/Municipality of Leno, Municipality of Mariano del Friuli, Mass Media/Public Opinion, Control and Public Bodies and Supervisory Body are a linchpin for all company activities. In particular, APS undertakes to prevent potential accidents that could have negative impacts on the environment or on the health and safety of workers by adopting staff awareness and training policies, as well as acting to reduce and prevent occupational accidents/illness.

APS constantly monitors the activities performed, defining the information flows and the responsibilities of each, to ensure the effective organization of its decision-making and operational processes.

Pursuant to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, APS undertakes to adopt optimal management of the potential risks based on their identification, prevention and reduction. This Risk Based Thinking methodology affects all company activities and encompasses product organization and implementation aspects, as well as significant environmental issues and consequent impacts, for occupational health and safety.

APS will not make do with just the results achieved, but undertakes to seek continuous improvement through the optimization of business processes, training and information of personnel, the establishment of clear objectives and the use, where economically feasible, of the best available techniques, by constantly updating processing and treatment methods of aluminium and of the technological means and components used in the extrusion process. In addition, it intends to work to improve the quality of the products offered by operating in full compliance with laws, regulations and mandatory and voluntary environmental and occupational safety regulations, applicable to the activities carried out and the areas in which it operates, adopting criteria, actions and initiatives aimed at the prevention of any form of occupational pollution, accident or disease, the reduction and proper management of the waste cycle, the rational and efficient use of natural resources, and encouraging the adoption of renewable energy sources

APS makes use of personnel working in compliance with the company mission, where everyone is required to contribute positively to the organization of activities and the achievement of objectives, operating in compliance with applicable national and international laws and regulations in force.
APS undertakes to ensure the availability of the resources necessary to achieve the communicated objectives.

APS undertakes to ensure that the human resources working in its name are valued and aware of the importance of their work in their external and internal relationships with the Customer, and in achieving the corporate objectives.

APS ensures that relations with all stakeholders are based on principles of transparency, correctness and collaboration, in order to ensure lasting success and optimize its own performance.  

Work is based on trust and collaboration relationships, in compliance with corporate directives, relations between colleagues, environmental standards and occupational safety. Group work is promoted and stimulated and people are empowered and actively engaged at all levels for their own personal and company success, also by sharing behavioural methods and ethical principles, in accordance with the behavioural code set forth in their organization model (MOG) and consistent with the provisions of (It.) Legislative Decree no. 231/2001.

Relationships with suppliers are based on principles of mutual transparency and fairness, continuously monitoring the quality of the raw material purchased and the matrices produced, verifying that what is supplied meets the same quality criteria as the final product that APS wants to guarantee its Customers. APS’S commitment to continuous improvement of its method of work also leads to privileging and choosing those suppliers who demonstrate to have taken important technological development, reliability, punctuality, organizational management, traceability, environmental sustainability, occupational safety decisions.

The main objectives pursued by APS AROSIO EXTRUSION are therefore:

  • Corporate profitability improvement (sales spread);
  • production efficiency improvement of the plant and of the workers;
  • improvement in the amount of extrusions sold (Kg shipped)
  • improved inventory control (inventory of raw material and finished product in tons)
  • improvement in the quality control of outputs in order to reduce the quantity of returns (impact of waste on production, impact of returned goods,% of non-conformities on matrices on total production);
  • continuous and careful compliance with industry laws and regulations (NC found during the audit for regulatory aspects, number of fines received, number of reports received by the Supervisory Body, accidents, environmental NC);
  • improved efficiency in the response to the customer regarding the feasibility of matrices (level of efficiency in dealing with feasibility requests);
  • improvement in the efficiency shipment by the logistics with a reduction in shipping costs (impact of transport costs on the total sold).
  • Improvement of staff skills (hours of training and support provided per capita)

In the context of running the business with respect to quality, environmental and safety issues, Management periodically reviews its effectiveness and efficiency goals as well as the environmental and safety targets, aimed at obtaining both economic, qualitative – environmental – ethical business results, which satisfy the Shareholders’ Meeting, the company customers and the local community. 

Management relies on the conscious involvement and the responsible collaboration of all the personnel, with their own behaviour and operations, and of all stakeholders, to fully implement the Management System and achieve the objectives set.  


Mariano del Friuli, June 14, 2018

The President
Claudio Arosio